Looking Back, Looking Forward

29 March, 2009

March 20th, 2009


We are extra happy with the way the first party turned out – it was great! Thanks to all of you who came by for an hour or twelve and generally speaking misbehaved in the best possible way. Big thanks to our DJs who brought the great ruckus upon the dancefloor. If you only have partial memories of the night worry not – chances are we have documented you in full 5am glory. Many pictures are uploaded to the gallery and more coming.

And happier yet we are to announce the next party that will happen
on May 15th!

This time we are bringing one of our long-time Detroit favorites – the legendary Rick Wade himself! The man who’s records on Harmonie Park and Yore are regarded as the essence of Detroit house.

He will be followed by another Detroit resident who has recently moved to NY – Mike Servito of Ghostly – a man who is equally adept at mixing the most abstract techno sounds and the girl-melting vocal house.

Earlier on we will have Marcos Cabral of Runaway raising your heart rate while going from discoid to beyond the housy.

And don’t forget the residents Lenny de la Posso of Thema and Helping Hands (aka meself and Amaury) who make it worth attending on their own to tell you the truth hehe.

Being true to our word we are bent on making you dance to the unexpected and undiscovered. After seeing the first party we believe you can do it in a spectacular way.



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