Twenty-First Century Bonfire

14 August, 2010

Next Friday we’re excited to feature, and introduce you to, Jason Eppink’s art installation entitled Twenty-First Century Bonfire.

The Bonfire consists of rescued television sets topped by a protruding matrix of PVC pipe that diffuses live television broadcasts into a shifting array of rich colors and abstract shapes. These heavily-researched and targeted messages of consumption—all provided free of charge by unwitting corporate collaborators—are filtered into abstraction simply by scattering them inside the PVC piping, rendering the process entirely transparent to the curious observer.

Twenty-First Century Bonfire

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August 20th, 2010

10 August, 2010

Sound Noir - August 20th

Sound Noir Flyer - August 20th

After a series of loft and warehouse events we are bringing the next installment of our party to the Littlefield art space. This time the night will light up to the sounds of Toronto’s visionary Basic Soul Unit (marking his debut in New York), as well as city’s own dance-floor incendiary and frequent DFA collaborator Brennan Green, joined by the residents Lenny de la Posso, Helping Hands and J Red. Augmenting the aural experience will be the enigmatic glow of “Twenty First Century Bonfire” by Jason Eppink, along with flowing video and slide projections by Mechaneyes and Ruby Gold.

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