August 20th, 2010

10 August, 2010

Sound Noir - August 20th

Sound Noir Flyer - August 20th

After a series of loft and warehouse events we are bringing the next installment of our party to the Littlefield art space. This time the night will light up to the sounds of Toronto’s visionary Basic Soul Unit (marking his debut in New York), as well as city’s own dance-floor incendiary and frequent DFA collaborator Brennan Green, joined by the residents Lenny de la Posso, Helping Hands and J Red. Augmenting the aural experience will be the enigmatic glow of “Twenty First Century Bonfire” by Jason Eppink, along with flowing video and slide projections by Mechaneyes and Ruby Gold.

Lots more information for you after the jump:

Basic Soul Unit
Stuart Li aka Basic Soul Unit was born in Hong Kong and raised in Toronto, where his musical tastes were formed under the influence of the nearby dance music hubs. Taking in Chicago’s jack, New York’s groove, and Detroit’s machine soul, he augmented them with the elements of jazz, funk and Brazilian rhythms which he picked up during his years at Toronto’s vinyl outlet Cosmo Records. Together these parts have formed the unique sound of Basic Soul Unit, which has since found its place on records released by such forward-thinking labels as Ostgut Ton, Philpot, Versatile, Creme Organization and Mule Musiq. Stuart’s DJ sets showcase the full range of his diverse musical tastes while keeping a firm grip on the dancefloor with heavy-hitting shuffling house, crunchy techno and an occasional broken beat curve-ball.

Brennan Green
Largely associated with the recent New York disco revival and his excellent studio work, it seems that Brennan Green’s favorite past-time behind the decks is drawing the unsuspecting party-goers into a pitch-perfect dance trip consisting of selections ranging from lost Krautrock relics to sweltering acid-techno workouts. After witnessing him quickly whip the crowd into the best kind of frenzy at the very first Sound Noir event we had no doubts that the man had to become a repeat offender of our dancefloors.

Lenny de la Posso
Lenny de la Posso is the owner and manager of New York’s prime electronic music and multimedia label Thema Records. Involved with the local underground scene as a dancer since 1991, he developed a taste for DJing and amassed an expansive record collection composed of obscure gems and influential classics. Today Lenny is an in-demand selector playing records across the globe and working via his label to strengthen the the bond between New York’s techno/house scene and its overseas counterparts. As a resident of Sound Noir, he represents the late-night, driving aspect of their sound.

Helping Hands
Little is know about these two mysterious individuals from Upper Manhattan other that they can be seen either rocking an odd loft party or passed out on a couch in the corner of a club.

J Red
A man behind the scenes of Sound Noir, J is often the one responsible for most of the hard work that goes into their organization. What
drives him is the love of sincere music, be it funk, hip-hop or Detroit techno. On August 20th he will open the proceedings with a
rare J Dilla tribute set.

Featuring “Twenty First Century Bonfire” by Jason Eppink
Twenty-First Century Bonfire is an aleatoric light sculpture created by a self-proclaimed “urban alchemist” and “rapid prototyper” Jason Eppink. The Bonfire consists of seven rescued television sets topped by a protruding matrix of PVC pipes that diffuses live television broadcasts into a shifting array of rich colors and abstract shapes. These heavily-researched and targeted messages of consumption—all provided free of charge by unwitting corporate collaborators—are filtered into abstraction simply by scattering them inside the PVC piping, rendering the process entirely transparent yet mesmerizing to the curious observer.

Live video manipulations and slide projections by:
Mechaneyes and
Ruby Gold

Littlefield is a 6200-square foot warehouse dating from the 1920s, which was converted to performance and art space with the use of recycled materials and sustainable wind power. In addition to the two main fully air-conditioned spaces it boasts an inside smoking/drinking landscaped courtyard and a bar that serves both unique cocktails and $3 beers.

For our party the space will be outfitted with a high-quality custom system by Niksound.


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