Review: Brooks Mosher – Urban Electricity Remix / Jupiter Attack

21 January, 2011

Every once in a while an amazing record comes flying at you from a completely unexpected direction. Plain black label, no jacket, first release signified by infinity sign dash one. Put it on, listen to A1 – lo-fi broken rhythms and a mini-lecture on electricity, interesting; A2 – crunchy distorted old-school breaks, pretty cool; B1 – more of the same; B2 – …wwwtfff is that!?

A detached female voice announces the coming of a dark, fluid rhythm that shuffles out of control but manages to stay coherent and infectious. A short breakdown is preparing you for the vicious metallic bassline (Roland Jupiter?) helped along by icy hits and well-chopped samples of the intro voice. Underneath it all is an ominous drone that is like the wind blowing on the surface of a dead planet, but may very well be an accidental side effect of a malfunctioning synth too. Described in comparative terms, classic techno drum programming turns the swing dial to the max and gets wrapped up in a restrained drexiyan sound design.

I can’t help but suspect at least a bit of DJ Qu influence here, which is not at all to discount the obvious talent of the author. Brooks Mosher as it turns out is far from a newcomer, having released some records back in mid-90s on short-lived Smart Records from Ann Arbor. It seems that the techno bug came back to bite him again with a few recent appearances on Comfortable Records from Belgium and now this obscurity under the catalog name “infiniti-1”. While this record may be a limited promo or a private release (which is still worth seeking out for the freaky A side by Illcon and The Personator), the culprit track will soon enjoy some well deserved attention, as it has now been included into Mass Transit EP on Steffi’s Dolly Records along with 3 more excellent Brooks Mosher productions (“Intermetro” especially so). Congrats to Steffi for a great pick, although I admit my initial reaction was a bit different. Have you ever found this ultra-obscure vinyl-only killer record just to discover the same day that it is being re-released by a well-known label? ’cause that is exactly what happened to me here. On the up side this re-release hopefully means that we will soon hear even more of this Brooks Mosher metallic bassline madness. Dance to it with a straight face.


Mass Transit EP on Dolly Rec is now available at Clone, Rush Hour and other vinyl outlets.

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