The Soft Moon are playing in NY tonight

26 January, 2011

Tonight I’m going to see the Soft Moon NY debut at Home Sweet Home. It usually takes a lot to impress me with a rock album but the one-man production by Mojave dessert native Luis Vasquez (joined for the show by Justin Anastasi, Damon Way, Ron Robinson) has got my attention from the moment I heard the first 5 seconds of the first single “Parallels”. What’s more is that the self-titled album out now on Brooklyn’s Captured Tracks is every bit just as good. Case in point:

Nice 909-like claps there. Although this music is heavily influenced by krautrock and industrial of yore (while videos and artwork are all early dada/abstraction), the whole seems to be much more than a nostalgia for the year 1981. This man’s brooding music is brimming with new and authentic destructive energy, the kind of darkness worth succumbing to for a minute.

I have just ordered The Soft Moon LP from Captured Tracks and so should you. One more show is coming up this Friday at Monster Island Basement.



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