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28 February, 2011

Big love goes out to all of you who came out last Friday for the Adventure Loft party. The vibe was stellar and the moves were fancy. Special thanks go out to Andy Barrett and M.a.D, who helped us to turn the place into much more than it has ever been. Here’s a shot of Andy’s Disco Igloos in their full glory.


After appearing at our party Disco Igloos are now a permanent fixture at the newly opened Cantina Royal (ex-MonkeyTown) in Williamsburg.

This Friday February 25th we are teaming up with Plan B recordings to bring you a one-off special night at a cozy Brooklyn loft filled with analogue sounds and digital art. Manning the decks will be our favorite deep selector Fred P along with Plan B and Sound Noir DJs. Visual excitement will be provided by a diverse team of our creative friends who were very kind to contribute their artwork and ideas, filling the space with surprises and lights fantastic.


Fred P is the name familiar by now to anyone who likes their dance music lush and emotive. After releasing numerous singles and remixes on revered imprints like Laid, Mule and Underground Quality as well as three albums under the name Black Jazz Consortium on his own label Soul People Music he has become a thought-after DJ representing the new house sound of New York at gigs that take him all across Europe and as far as Australia. Fred’s 3rd album entitled “The Incredible Adventures of Captain P” came out just a couple of months ago, taking us on a trip through his deepest sounds yet – have we got a perfect party for you to experience it!

Plan B is one of the most exciting experimental dance music labels to come out recently from our hometown NY. Run by DJ Spider & Lola, the sound of diverse Plan B releases is united by the infectious offbeat rhythms, unusual samples and often brooding atmospheres. Representing this sound in its most engaging and danceable form will be Lola aka Dakini9 (celebrating her birthday!) and a newcomer to Plan B stable Marshallito – a veteran DJ/producer and a Detroit transplant who worked hard together with us to organize this event and especially to put together the high fidelity sound-system.

Starting out and closing the party will be your friends and resident Sound Noir selectors J Red and Andrey Radovski. Nuff said there:)

Completing your audio-visual experience will be Disco Igloos by Andy Barrett, lazer distortions by Urbarian, artful decorations by M.aD. and video manipulations by our resident visionary Lightwerk.

Introducing Dusty Rhodes with a special live performance.

To receive the address and directions to the loft you have to send RSVP email to adventureloft@gmail.com

Hope to see you there;)

There are tracks that are meant to be played before midnight and those that are best appreciated at 10 in the morning. Michel Baumann is equally adept at producing beautiful examples of both either as Soulphiction or Jackmate – the monikers for once are very descriptive of the corresponding musical output. We are big fans of Michel’s skills as a producer, DJ and manager of the brilliant label Philpot, so tonight we are very happy to have a chance to hear him play at the Mister Saturday Night party. See you there?

This exceptional specimen of deep techno was pressed in 2008 as a single-sided vinyl on Phil e (Philpot’s techno off-shoot)

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Moving on from freshly released to the well-aged. This is what I was listening to as a kid.

Actually I came across this particular song a couple of years back on Kings of Techno 2xLP compiled by Carl Craig and Laurent Garnier. But at about 8 years old I definitely had a tape with Yello’s album Flag on constant auto-reverse in my knockoff walkman.

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I thought most d’n’b would be better off without the usual percussion/wobblebass overload, but these guys went a step further and stripped it down to the core – won’t even call it the same name.

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As you might’ve heard (or not) on June 11th Sound Noir will be hosting a party with DJ Sprinkles aka Terre Thaemlitz and Tim Sweeney. We couldn’t be more excited, as both of the artists were at the top of our most-wanted list for the past couple of years and finally it all fell into the right place. Both are amazing DJs with Terre also being a unique and admirably versatile producer who’s body of work spans from blissful ambient on labels like Mille Plateaux to some of the nastiest jacking house on his own Comatonse Recordings. A great lot of Thaemlitz music straddles effortlessly the line between electronic and acoustic while bringing together the sound of the concert hall and the structures found at the dance club. Have a taste of this explosive take on Terre’s original composition by Berlin’s Zeitkratzer ensemble.

The video is by the29nov films – check out their YouTube channel for tons of great music with excellent film edits.

Support Terre Thaemlitz by buying directly from Comatonse store. There’s a whole world to explore on that website.

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Marching rhythms for the demented factory workers

It’s pretty cool to see such a well-known label actually post a video of their own track on Youtube as opposed to shooting down the endless uploads. I think at this point so many people are using these clips to discover and buy new music that in the end they promote rather than harm sales. I’d love to hear labels and producers sound off on this one. What do you think?

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A Serious System

4 February, 2011

Saturday November 28 12:06

JulianBleecker on Flickr

Have you ever tripped over a wire? Have you been entangled by a mess of assorted electrical cords? Are you sure that damned appliance wasn’t laughing behind your back while pretending to be dead? This one is for you (and me).

There’s no escaping Gunnar Wendel these days. Under his Kassem Mosse moniker he has infiltrated the record collections and top of the year lists of anyone who is not afraid of a little grit in their rhythms, be those as streamlined as this collab with fellow Mikrodisko mind Mix Mup or as intricate as recent Hi Rez on Nonplus Records.
Those bastard blinking boxes in his studio better behave themselves.

The track here is included on Don’t Turn Around compilation EP, which is a split release on Mikrodisko/Kann Records.

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Cosmetics – Sleepwalking

3 February, 2011

Just got this clear 7″ in the mail. I’ve been through an italo fever and heard a few too many new wave synth lines, but this song by Vancouver duo of Aja Emma and Nick M is still welcome, maybe thanks to the perfect hazy vocals, maybe because of the playful arpeggiated accents. It’s way more fun than your usual Moroder knockoff.

On the flipside are “The Cries” with a more sinister tone fit for a screening of a Dario Argento flick.

The 2nd pressing on black vinyl is still available directly from Captured Tracks

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