September 24th: Chateau Flight and DJ Kon

8 September, 2011

Legendary French duo of producer extraordinaire I:Cube and Versatile label owner Gilb’r are coming stateside for a very rare appearance and we are super excited to be hosting their NY party! To seal the deal we’ve called upon the finest Bostonian crate-digger – DJ Kon of the Kon&Amir duo known worldwide for their OnTrack/OffTrack mixes and compilations on Rapster/BBE.


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More about the artists:

Over the 15 years of impeccable releases and remixes Chateau Flight have earned an iconic status for their distinct take on the avant-garde dance sound. If you’ve listened to one of their albums on Versatile or the astonishing Baroque EP on Innervisions then you already know that you’re in for a rare treat. However, If you aren’t yet familiar with I:Cube and Gilb’R then you are about to discover a whole world of beautiful and evocative sounds. Whichever genre the duo dive into, the end result is rarely predictable yet reliably consummate and moving. Allow us to introduce the Chateau Flight.

DJ Gilb’r has been working hard in Parisian music scene since the early 90s, first via programming and playing shows on the revered Radio Nova, later by recording a stone-cold house classic “Sunshine People” as Venus and, most importantly, starting his music label Versatile Records, a visionary imprint which has produced numerous EPs and albums by Joakim, I:Cube, Pepe Bradock and Chateau Flight while introducing the world to such names as Fabrice Lig, Tonny Lionni and Basic Soul Unit.

I:Cube in turn is a humble genius behind some of the most memorable dance and electronic music of the last two decades. Stylistically ranging from space techno to relentless disco and from quirky pop songs to smoked-out dub numbers, his compositions embody the spirit of adventurous musical exploration, as he himself admits there’s no knowing what a track will sound like until it is done. At the heart of I:Cube records are inventive sounds and simple structures layered in such an elegant and sophisticated way that it is safe to call his style inimitable.

Together the two self-proclaimed music geeks form Chateau Flight – a playground project that sees them fusing diverse influences into extended jams and absolutely gorgeous records. On Saturday September 24th we will have a rare chance to witness one of these sessions first-hand. //

To complete this night of unpredictable brilliance we have enlisted the finest purveyor of rare groove – DJ Kon of the famed Kon & Amir duo. Starting with a chance meeting at Boston’s Biscuithead Records the two have entered into an alliance that sent them on a crate-digging quest to unearth and sometimes edit the lost gems of funk, soul, jazz, reggae and hip-hop. Their deep knowledge of music and skill behind the turntables soon cought attention of seasoned heads both stateside and overseas, finally landing them the honor of compiling “The Kings of Digging” compilation on K7!’s sub-label Rapster. To give you the scope other entries in the “King of..” series were compiled by Laurent Garnier, Carl Craig, Gilles Peterson, Jazzanova, MAW, etc. In addition to that Kon & Amir have lent their expertise to such entities as Dr. Dre, Diamond D, Pete Rock and Wax Poetics. Kon told us that for the Sound Noir night he will venture into a new direction and give us a taste of his own unique style – we get ready to get schooled.

And the beat goes on…


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