Sound Noir all-day-long at the Halcyon

17 February, 2012

To kick off the celebrations of our 3rd anniversary we are spinning all day and into the early night at our favorite Dumbo record shop and hangout spot. Come lounge, chat or jump around while we raid the establishment’s shelves for the tastiest new releases, then dive into our record bags and their hidden crates for some diamonds in the raw. Bring along snacks and refreshments of any kind – we’re aiming to occupy their bass-heavy sound system till the staff pries that fancy Rane mixer out of our warm drunk hands.
Head over to Halcyonline for the extra info.

Sound Noir Saturdays

John Roberts return to the Sound Noir encampment after he premiered his breakthrough album “Glass Eights” at our party in November of 2010. This time instead of laptop and controller he comes armed with some of his favorite records and a few CDs full of unreleased edits and latest productions waiting to be pressed on vinyl – we are equally excited to hear what he has to say and to spin.

All the details are on the Facebook event page.