Disco Love

28 February, 2011

Big love goes out to all of you who came out last Friday for the Adventure Loft party. The vibe was stellar and the moves were fancy. Special thanks go out to Andy Barrett and M.a.D, who helped us to turn the place into much more than it has ever been. Here’s a shot of Andy’s Disco Igloos in their full glory.


After appearing at our party Disco Igloos are now a permanent fixture at the newly opened Cantina Royal (ex-MonkeyTown) in Williamsburg.

A Serious System

4 February, 2011

Saturday November 28 12:06

JulianBleecker on Flickr

We continue our ongoing collaborations with multimedia artists who’s work looks and feels as stunning as the music of our guest performers. On November 13th we will present you Lumarca by Matt Parker and Albert Hwang who describe it as “a truly volumetric display which allows viewers to see three dimensional images and motion”. Part innovative technology and part dynamic visual artwork, Lumarca is in fact a brand new medium for creative expression.
Big thanks to Matt and Albert for making this happen. Learn more about Lumarca here.

Twenty-First Century Bonfire

14 August, 2010

Next Friday we’re excited to feature, and introduce you to, Jason Eppink’s art installation entitled Twenty-First Century Bonfire.

The Bonfire consists of rescued television sets topped by a protruding matrix of PVC pipe that diffuses live television broadcasts into a shifting array of rich colors and abstract shapes. These heavily-researched and targeted messages of consumption—all provided free of charge by unwitting corporate collaborators—are filtered into abstraction simply by scattering them inside the PVC piping, rendering the process entirely transparent to the curious observer.

Twenty-First Century Bonfire

For more information about Jason and his work head over to http://jasoneppink.com/