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Rooftop Sessions

27 July, 2013

Rooftop Sessions

Hakim Murphy – 2013.05.02

24 April, 2013

Sound Noir - Hakim Murphy

Chapter 13 – Feb 23rd

15 February, 2013

DJ Sprinkles – July 14th

17 June, 2012

Terre Thaemlitz - Sound Noir - July 14th - House of Yes

After the super good times of the 3-year anniversary we’ve kept ourselves too busy to breathe, but at last Sound Noir is excited to announce that very soon we’ll be welcoming DJ Sprinkles back to New York. Terre is one of our favorite artists on this planet and we’re pretty sure that his phenomenal performance last year has won many of you over as well. This time we’re moving the whole affair into a cozy loft space where Thaemlitz will play an extended 4-hour set precluded by SN resident DJ’s Andrey and Jemina Vita. The location will be announced on the day of the event via email, but to keep up with the latest news visit FB event page.

Sound Noir - 3 Year Anniversary

Creep Acid 3.03

2 March, 2012

Creep Acid - James T. Cotton

Sound Noir all-day-long at the Halcyon

17 February, 2012

To kick off the celebrations of our 3rd anniversary we are spinning all day and into the early night at our favorite Dumbo record shop and hangout spot. Come lounge, chat or jump around while we raid the establishment’s shelves for the tastiest new releases, then dive into our record bags and their hidden crates for some diamonds in the raw. Bring along snacks and refreshments of any kind – we’re aiming to occupy their bass-heavy sound system till the staff pries that fancy Rane mixer out of our warm drunk hands.
Head over to Halcyonline for the extra info.

Sound Noir Saturdays

The RSVP list is now closed. See you tonight!


Our next party is looming on the horizon and the music will be every bit as special as you’ve come to expect. Portable aka Bodycode will grace us with a radiant live set based on his new album “Into Infinity” out this month on Perlon. Born and raised in South Africa, he has been moving restlessly around the world, searching for inspiration to his songs that tell stories of human emotion and cold technology. Meeting Portable on the home turf will be Atlanta’s underground hero Kai Alce who’s become quite prominent in the last few years with his edgy soulful productions, his excellent label NDAtl and his family-run Deep Detroit DEMF parties.

Here’s a taste of Portable’s new album fresh off the pressing plates.

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