This happens to be perhaps the first Herbert production I ever heard, it being included in the 2001 All Back To The Mine remix compilation and me being a huge fan of all things trip-hop back then (and now a bit). This also happens to be one of Herbert’s best deep house tracks – it’s haunting melodies and beautifully effected samples definitely stood out among the mostly colorful and over-the-top remakes that were filling the aforementioned CD.

Thanks to Herbert’s delicate approach, this version of the song is transformed from quirky and cartoonish original into a moody latin-flavored soundtrack for dancefloor introspection. It was stuck in my head so firmly that almost 10 years later it made me seek out the only vinyl version available on the Promo 12″. On the flipside (ha) are 2 broken beat versions by the All Seeing I, while next to Herbert’s masterpiece is a guitar-driven drum-n-bass remake by Moloko themselves. Did not expect that artwork, but the dogs seem to be happy at home.

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Every once in a while an amazing record comes flying at you from a completely unexpected direction. Plain black label, no jacket, first release signified by infinity sign dash one. Put it on, listen to A1 – lo-fi broken rhythms and a mini-lecture on electricity, interesting; A2 – crunchy distorted old-school breaks, pretty cool; B1 – more of the same; B2 – …wwwtfff is that!?

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