Moving on from freshly released to the well-aged. This is what I was listening to as a kid.

Actually I came across this particular song a couple of years back on Kings of Techno 2xLP compiled by Carl Craig and Laurent Garnier. But at about 8 years old I definitely had a tape with Yello’s album Flag on constant auto-reverse in my knockoff walkman.

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I thought most d’n’b would be better off without the usual percussion/wobblebass overload, but these guys went a step further and stripped it down to the core – won’t even call it the same name.

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Calm down..

Marc McGuire is a solo experimental guitarist/producer from Cleveland, Ohio and a member of improvisational krautronica trio Emeralds, who have opened for Caribou 2010 N.American tour and will be performing alongside Alan Howarth as a part of Unsound NY 2011 program.
Off in the distance was released in 2008 on Chondritic Sound tape and in 2010 on Cylindrical Habitat vinyl. Edition of 500.

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Tonight I’m going to see the Soft Moon NY debut at Home Sweet Home. It usually takes a lot to impress me with a rock album but the one-man production by Mojave dessert native Luis Vasquez (joined for the show by Justin Anastasi, Damon Way, Ron Robinson) has got my attention from the moment I heard the first 5 seconds of the first single “Parallels”. What’s more is that the self-titled album out now on Brooklyn’s Captured Tracks is every bit just as good. Case in point:

Nice 909-like claps there. Although this music is heavily influenced by krautrock and industrial of yore (while videos and artwork are all early dada/abstraction), the whole seems to be much more than a nostalgia for the year 1981. This man’s brooding music is brimming with new and authentic destructive energy, the kind of darkness worth succumbing to for a minute.

I have just ordered The Soft Moon LP from Captured Tracks and so should you. One more show is coming up this Friday at Monster Island Basement.


Let UR masterminds teleport you to the distant galaxy. Ambient waves are gently washing the shores of subdued acid. Etching on the B side: “All is calm for now”.

It’s the stuff the dreams are made of..

This track is a part of a pivotal World 2 World EP that came out in 1992 and was re-released in 2006 on vinyl and files. The files can be bought on Boomcat, Beatport, iTunes, etc.
Visit UR online then buy Detroit techno from Submerge.


With ice crunching under your feet, what better liberation than with memories of a rooftop, torrential downpour then double rainbows taking you into the evening.

Last summer on June 27th, we came together on a Bushwick rooftop to celebrate the birthdays of Kelly, Andrey and Ray.

After a torrential downpour, the sky opened up and blessed us with double rainbows.

To help remember the event if you were there, and to incite you if you weren’t, we’ve posted photos from the event.

We’ve got a new mix by Lenny de la Posso to tide you over until Friday night. The mix is downloadable and sharable through the SoundCloud player, so feel free to have at it.

Fall Into Place… by delaposso

THEMA in Europe

8 April, 2009

Lenny’s off this weekend to play a couple dates in Europe representing Thema, with fellow artists on the label as well as waving the Sound Noir flag. Friday night he’ll be in The Netherlands playing the THEMA label night in Eindhoven. He then heads to London the next night to play an undisclosed afterhours location and on Sunday on the Thames River with Flaming Flamingo & Essentialreload Boat Party. A short but sweet tour! He will be back over in early summer with Alka Rex on a longer, multi-city Thema tour, we’ll keep you posted.

Leonardo de la Posso was born and raised in NYC and has been a part of the underground scene for some time. Founder and manager of THEMA Recordings, where he is working to create a multi-artist platform to help cultivate the scene here in NYC and and its presence in the international underground circuit. His motivation lies in the pursuit to positively engage the audience with the most current and obscure sounds of today, as well as yesterday.

Based in New York City, THEMA is a multi-media record label featuring thematic works of music, art and design. Each artist exploring the full spectrum of their discipline, while generating dialogue and collaboration across geographic and disciplinary boundaries. The power of sound and its inflicted emotions are part of the process.

THEMA, Holland

Boat Party, London


The First

30 January, 2009

It sucks when you book a venue 3 mths in advance and then it goes BUST! So long, Vanishing Point!


30 January, 2009

Sound Noir. We think it’s time for something new altogether — even if it is old really — to connect the dots between quality dance music of the last few decades. Let’s introduce the just-want-to-have-fun crowd to proper dance music. In other words we want to see minimal heads freaking out to disco and models losing it to Detroit techno (which we have seen before but not on the same night). Our goal is to offer quality music at our parties, not just the “in” sound of the moment.

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